Lift is a non-profit after school program that focuses on literacy improvement, whole child development, and spiritual nurture.

Grant County is ranked #1 in the state of Indiana for the number of children under the age of 18 who are living in poverty. The link between poverty and low levels of literacy is well-documented. At least 20 percent of residents in Grant County are functionally illiterate, according to research by Jan Lankenau, of the Grant County Literacy Council. Research shows that when literacy rates decrease, the negative effects on the community are significant. The best way to give students an academic boost is to help them develop a reading life—which means offering a great selection of books, encouraging students to choose their books, and providing a consistent, predictable time for reading and then discussing what they have read in a supported relationship. (AfterschoolAlliance.org)

We believe that literacy is a key component of a strong and thriving community. Every child deserves the gift of reading, but some children need extra layers of support to unwrap that gift. Lift provides those needed reinforcements and relationships to help build literacy in our students and positively impact our community.