A Welcomed Sight 


Feeling Back at Home with the Lift Family

The bus rolled to a stop by the church doors. Excitement built within me as I squinted against the sun, hoping to get a glance of the kids waving from their seats. It was the first day of Lift and I was giddy to see their smiles, receive their hugs, and just love them all. The yellow door swung open and kids scrambled out.

Hellooooooooooo!” I called out to them. I smiled big as the kids came running up. They seemed just as happy as me to be back.
“Miss Sarahhhh!!!!”
“Hey, I saw you yesterday!!””
“I could give you like 3 hugs” 

They chatted excitedly and I gave them hugs and high 5’s as they came running through the door.

As I followed them in, gearing up to begin the first day, I took a moment to watch them from afar. A few of them were putting their backpacks away, showing each other something they got from school. A large bunch were making their way through the gym to the snack tables, sharing summer stories with the volunteers walking by them. And even beyond them was the swarm of volunteers setting out the snack…ready to share in the gift of food. Wow this is beautiful, I said under my breath. I glanced at the Upland Community Church sign hanging on the wall near the gym. A thought then occurred to me. It may be more appropriate if next year we hung a sign over the existing one that says, “Welcome Home”.

For Enrichment one week the 4th graders were able to make rockets. Being their third and final go-around, we saw a huge improvment in their rocket making ability! Or maybe they were too good….click to see a clip from launch day.

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