Why I Choose Lift

In 2014, as I was still a college student I had the opportunity to work with Lift. When I first heard about Lift, I was attracted by this program and the vision behind it. Therefore, when I was approached with the opportunity to become an intern for this program, I immediately jumped right into it.

I remembered how impressed I was when I attended the first staff meeting. It was a brand new non-profit in rural Indiana – yet the meeting and the program was conducted with such professionalism and intentionality as if it had been established for years.  I was a social work major at Taylor and from a best-practice standpoint, Lift had it from the very beginning. I was convinced from my first day that Lift was going to do something big in this community and I wanted to be a part of it. Two years and a college degree later, I am still here in Upland. Why? Because of Lift. The vision, the impact I’m seeing, and the children themselves have all captured my heart.  

Throughout my three years with Lift I have worked with people who have trusted God’s call to this vision, even when the future wasn’t clear. Starting up an organization is no small task. To do so in a way that is not only professional but effective is another feat all together. What is significant about Lift is the community effort to come along side these children and care for their whole person.

Lift focuses on the mind, body, and the soul of our kids because we recognize that a problem is never just one thing.  When academics are hard, it pours into other areas of your life. When relationships are difficult, it affects more than just your social life. When money is tight, it impacts more than simply the food on the table. Lift tries to step in relationally, academically, and spiritually in the lives of our kids and we see the impact it’s making. What makes Lift stand out from other program’s I’ve seen is the fact that it’s not just a program. Lift walks side by side, doing life with the students and families that come our way. We show up. Day after day after day – committed to these kids, this community, and a God who calls us into relationship with our neighbor.  

Sarah McLeester

Program Coordinator

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