Lift Receives a Grant

One aspect of running a non-profit is raising support to fund the various expenses we incur over the year. Most people don’t realize how much it takes to execute everything from tiny details of purchasing the milk each week, to the larger ticket items of salary to compensate four part-time employees. While so much of what makes up Lift is volunteer based, it still takes money to make Lift the successful organization it’s been.

We are blessed to say that over 30 individuals have given monetary gifts to Lift over this past year. This kind of community support is exciting for us because we see how much this town cares about its children and desires to make a difference.

Aside from monetary support this past year we’ve had over 100 individuals give of their time, and energy to contribute to the Lift Impact. We are always saying to each other that it takes a team – or a family – to make this thing work. And we really mean that.

Yet even with all these incredible assets, there’s still been a need for additional funding. Because we expanded this year to include one more grade of students (fulfilling our original vision) our budget has increased. In order to try and fill the gap, we applied for a grant from the Community Foundation. This month we received the exciting news that the Grant County Community Foundation had granted our request with $10,000 for employment growth! Thanks in part to this gift:

“We Can Fulfill Our Vision!”

A Merry Christmas for Lift indeed. Three years ago Lift started with 12 students and one grade, with the vision to reach 36 students across 3 grades. That dream has now been realized. Huge thank you to the Community Foundation and their continued support of Lift!


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