A Day at Lift

We meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons, from 2:45 until 5:30 P.M. during the school year at Upland Community Church.


Snack is the first part of our Lift day. As the kids come off the bus and into our building, they are immediately invited to share a snack around the table. Volunteers help serve food as needed and encourage conversations with the students about life and school.


After snack, the children have time to play basketball, jump rope, draw, play chase, help in the kitchen, or just relax and talk. Our partnership with Upland Community Church allows us to use their gym. Staff and volunteers are engaged with the students—playing soccer, turning a jump rope, sketching together, etc.


The literacy block is the heart of Lift, in the early grades, nothing is more important to sustained academic success than reading at grade-level. We closely monitor testing scores and grades, and we dialog with classroom teachers about specific student needs and progress.


We believe that the greatest need of every human heart is fellowship with God. The Bible’s story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration is central to the lives of all who work or volunteer with Lift. We have the incredible privilege of helping children understand who Jesus is and what he did to make relationship with God a possibility for all of us.


The Enrichment at Lift exposes our students to a larger world and helps narrow the opportunity gap that can so hinder academic success. We’ve had air-propelled rockets, harps, fine art, hockey lessons, board game days, music, and many other enrichment experiences.