Board of Directors

Lifting our Kids, Lifting our Community

President: Dianne Biehl

Co-Founder – Lift Eastbrook Afterchoool

Vice President: Ted Kluck

Pilot (retired)

Treasurer: Jerry Cramer

Senior Development Officer – Taylor University (retired)

Secretary: Colleen Yordy

Elementary Teacher (retired)

Bookkeeper: Mary Fletcher

Upland Community Church Bookkeeper

Samantha Cocking

Executive Director – Lift Eastbrook Afterschool

Terri Collins

Director of Children’s Ministry – Upland Community Church

Mark Yordy

High School Teacher, High School Swim Coach (retired)

Greg Magee

Professor of Biblical Studies – Taylor University

Sarah Mcleester

Youth for Christ – Eastbrook and Mississinewa Junior High Schools

Dara Syswerda

Admissions Counselor – Taylor University

Jane Sauer

Elementary School Teacher (retired)

Miriam Dalton

Principal – Eastbrook South Elementary School

The Gift of Literacy

Lifting our Kids, Lifting our Community