Lifting our Kids, Lifting our Community

Q: What is the purpose of Lift?

A: Lift exists to improve literacy, develop the whole child, and to provide spiritual nurture to children in our community.


Q: How many children does Lift serve?

A: 3 grades (2nd, 3rd, 4th) with 12 in each group. Each group will stay with their same Team Leader for 3 years.


Q: Where does Lift meet?

A: Lift uses space gifted to us by Upland Community Church. We have generously been given access to large meeting space, a full gym, a kitchen, a common area, and technology. 


Q: How can I give to Lift?

A: Lift is a nonprofit, and relies completely on consistent donations from those who believe in the mission of Lift. Click the donate button to give securely.


Q: Where do all the volunteers come from?

A: Lift volunteers come to us from many parts of the community! We have Taylor University students, Indiana Wesleyan students, retirees, community members, teens, and Lift graduates.

The Gift of Literacy

Lifting our Kids, Lifting our Community