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What will I do as a volunteer for Lift?

As a volunteer, your primary role is to read with a child. There will be other opportunities throughout your time at Lift to interact in a variety of ways-talking, playing games, worship, singing, snacks, art, etc. 
Yes. Safety is a high priority for the Lift program, and we want all of our volunteers to be thoroughly screened and trained. We use an application process called “Safe Place” that serves as our application and screening tool all in one. 

Who pays for my background check?

Because we are a nonprofit on a tight budget, our volunteers pay for their background check. The usual background check is $16.95.

What are the times I can choose from to volunteer?

Lift meets Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, operating on the Eastbrook School Calendar. The times for volunteering are:

2:45-5:30, or 3:45-5:30

The first hour in the Lift schedule is when we do snacks, games, and worship. Literacy time begins at 3:45. If you only wanted to come for the literacy time, you would choose 3:45- 5:30. Coming at 2:45 allows for more interaction and relationship building.

What if I don’t have a lot of experience working with kids? Can I still volunteer?

Yes! Having a heart for kids is the first step!

Lift provides initial and ongoing training for our volunteers. We want to ensure you are equipped and confident as you interact with our children.

Can I post pictures of the Lift kids on social media?

No. We work hard to respect and protect the privacy and safety of our kids and families, and as such do not allow volunteers to take pictures of our students. Follow us on FB or IG to see yourself with our kids, and feel free to share our social media links with your people!

Can I get service hours credit for classes by volunteering with Lift?

Yes. We have many college students who serve as Lift and fulfill requirements for service.