Our History

Grant County sits at the intersection of great need and great potential. Lift exists to come along side the kids and families in our community who need an extra “lift”.

Rural counties in Indiana, such as Grant County, often lack the abundance of social networks and resources that surrounding larger cities hold. According to Kids Count statistical data, Grant County has one of the highest child poverty rates in the state. Poverty, as we know, takes many forms: academic, spiritual, economic, physical and relational. The reality is many of the kids in our community may be exposed to these various forms of poverty and often they are linked to each other. Yet where there is need there is also great opportunity.

In February 2014, Dianne Biehl and Lisa Sells met with the superintendent of Eastbrook Community Schools to ask how we might partner with them to help the children in our community who needed a “lift” to reach their full academic potential as well as grow in their relationship with God and others.

As a result of those conversations, on Sept 2, 2014 Lift was officially launched with fourteen 2nd grade students. Since then we have seen our students succeed relationally, academically, and spiritually. In 2015 we added another 2nd grade team to expand our program. Finally, in 2016 we added yet another grade to complete the original vision to serve 2nd-4th graders in the Eastbrook school. Each grade has up to 12 students in their class. As of 2019, Lift has graduated 5 classes, and continues to be a tremendous support for Eastbrook South Elementary and for the community of Upland. img_0304